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The world of Avadonne is very young one, at least Avadonne as far as its inhabitants know it is a young world, having been created suddenly in a cataclysmic event, slightly more than ten thousand years ago. According to legend, this event was in fact a great war between the old gods and dark, otherworldly forces that scarred the planet and left no culture, species or continent unscathed.
In the world of Avadonne the common races relate to each other very differently than in other worlds. For one, humans are not the dominate or most common race, whereas other worlds have cities built and populated mostly by humans—Avadonne’s human population is almost entirely nomadic and/or tribal in the wilderness or enslaved at the hands of the other peoples of Avadonne. The more prominent races of interest in this world are primarily Orcs and secondarily Halflings, who tend to keep good relations with one another.. Whatismore, the Orcs and Halflings of Avadonne are both of highly unique natures existing as they do only on this planet. We shall start with an examination or Orcs:

Physical Description:
Alignment: Orcs of Avadonne tend to be chaotic good in alignment, which is probably the most divergent characteristic they have with traditional orcs.
Religion:Most orcs worship martial deities, such as Kord or Balter

Dark Orcs:

Personality: Cruel, Violet, needlessly aggressive, act w/o regard for life even the lives of others, no matter if such are the lives of other Dark Orcs, even their own tribesmen.
Physical Description: Dark Orcs stand between 8 and 8 ½ feet in height and weigh between 300 and 400 lbs. and there are NO fat Dark Orcs
Alignment: Always Evil, vast majority are Chaotic evil a few Neutral so but the only Lawfu Evil Dark Orcs are in Leadership positions, which is not to say that Dark Orc Leaders have a propensity towards Lawful Evil, though.
Lands: Dark Orcs are, almost without exception, encountered only in the Underdark. The only times they ever come to the surface is during periods of extended night such as the Eldritch Eclipse, when the moon obscures the sun for exactly 37 days and 13 hours, such occurs every 50 years in the very middle of winter.
Religion: Dark Orcs practice a strict monotheistic religion venerating Lothvlok , Queen of the Underdark, who tolerates no sedition (defined as anything less than obscessional, even near-suicidal, devotion. Those who violate the will of Lothvlok in this way are executed by the Underqueen’s Clergymen, their victims being savagely torn asunder in public with their loved ones present as the gathered crowd cheers and applauds.
Society: Dark Orcs have a Theo-Magocracy / Mago-Theocracy (?) being governed by the Priests of Lothvlok, who are always Cleric/Wizards or Cleric/Sorcerers. Despite bening such a brutal society, Dark Orc females are not treated particularly poorly. They are not considered the equals of their male counterparts but nor are they slaves, somewhere between equal and highly prized pets.

Sylvan Orcs: Orcs live mostly in rural, even wilderness, regions, organizing themselves into tribes. It is not uncommon for many such tribes to unite and form a sort of coalition. Each particular tribe is lead by a single Warchief who usually has levels in a Divine spellcasting class. Further, a number of abdicated Warchiefs and/or High-level Divine spellcasters (many of whom are likely to have more such class levels than the warchief) sit on each tribe’s, “Council of Elders.” who serve as advisors, elite bodyguards or subordinate officers. The Warchief, then, wields both martial and spiritual authority, acting as a sort of “Philosopher-King,” –still, such tribes tend to be benevolent dictatorships. A Warchief ais typically required to names his successor upon ascension to his position, and the successor must be unanimously approved by a Council of Elders. No successful census has ever been taken on Avadonne but to estimate, about 80% of the planets orcs live just as described. However the other 20% have settled into urban centers, most of which are by a large majority populated by Dwarves—cities populated entirely by orcs are few and far between.
Halflings, on the other hand, are chiefly responsible for the rise of above-ground urban population centers.
Relations Between the Races:
Halflings and Orcs: Both of these races get along surprisingly well, especially given the disparity between them, especially since it is the urban and sophisticated Longfoot Halflings who get along best with Orcs, despite or perhaps because of how seldom they come into contact
Racial Traits of the playable races:
Orc; +2 Str -1 Int -2 Cha, +4 TO Survival Checks, Survival is a permanent class skill, Darkvision 30’
Longfoor Halfling: +2 Cha +2 Int, -3 Str, (Improved) Low-Light Vision, +5 base speed


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